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Many apologies for letting the comm lie fallow for so long. I got appointed [ETA: co-clerk; there's two of us] of my meeting, started a new job, and went slightly insane in the process. Onward.

How would Friends feel about series of introductory posts on Quakerism? What I'm envisioning is a regular feature for which members of the community can write posts about some aspect of Quaker thought or practice. The point would be to provide background information to those new to the Society of Friends, as well as interesting information to those who've been around a bit longer. General subjects, specific ones, quirky ones, obscure ones--anything from a guide to what to expect at your first meeting for worship to a brief biography of a particular Quaker figure or a historical overview of plain dress.

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How do Friends feel about this idea?

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Sounds great! I would love to learn more about Quakerism!
5 (100.0%)

Sounds great! I've got a topic I'd like to write up for this!
0 (0.0%)

Meh. I might read some of them. If they look boring I'll just skip 'em.
0 (0.0%)

I'll leave the community if you do this.
0 (0.0%)

Ticky Box! Ticky Box! Fraggy Fraggy Socks!
2 (40.0%)

As always, comments most welcome.


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