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Quaker Thought And Living

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Name:Quaker Thought and Living
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Community description:A place for Friends and friends to discuss Quakerism.
This is a place for Friends and friends (that is to say, Quakers and people interested in Quakerism) to discuss the Quaker faith and modern Quaker living. All topics related to Quakerism are welcome here, including Quaker history, testimonies, traditions, beliefs, practices, and modern Quaker living.

We welcome Friends of all traditions, including Christian, Universalist, unprogrammed, programmed, liberal, conservative, evangelical, fundamentalist, etc. We also welcome all experience levels, whether you've been a Quaker all your life or just heard of us today. Non-quakers with an interest in the discussion are welcome as well.

In keeping with Dreamwidth's diversity statement, we welcome everyone here. We acknowledge the worth and dignity of all people, and we respect the spiritual beliefs and journeys of others. If you're here to tell other people that yours is the One True Quakerism, you're in the wrong place.

Guidelines for Participation:

As the need arises, the moderator will start a discussion to develop our community policies. In the meantime, I trust that people can conduct themselves in the manner of Friends, with respect, kindness, and a concern for cultivating a vibrant, diverse community.

Anyone with questions, comments, recommendations or concerns should feel free to contact the moderator, [personal profile] annalee.
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